Тернопільська міська
громадська організація

“Тернопільський освітній
комунікаційний центр”


Ternopil Municipal
Public Organization

“Ternopil Education
Communication Center”


The TECC Network

The TECC data center, which is located on the TNEU campus, will house cables that connect to each of the universities and also to the three Internet providers. The fiber optic backbone has two major branches: TNEU - TECC - TNPU, and TECC -TSMU - Ukrtelecom - TSTU. The data link level will run 1Gb/s Ethernet 1000LX. A 3-level switch will connect these links and serve it as a central point for all institutional networks. From the network layer point of view, the TECC network will be an autonomous system with two class C IP ranges (512 IP addresses). Two gateways will be running on the borders with other autonomous systems. These gateways will work as a high availability cluster, load balancing system and reserve. Existing routers will perform as firewall and filtering routers. The security policy for TECC will be created and administered by the system administrators of all four universities that have founded the TECC. The existing gateways will control bandwidth between the TECC participants, depending on their financial fees. All universities will have their guaranteed minimal network speed, and in addition will be able to use whatever resources are unused. Each server that runs a service will be connected to its own channel in the TECC network. Each channel will have an appropriate security policy. In addition to standard network services such as e-mail, DNS, www, SSH, SCP, SFTP, news, forums and chats, the TECC network will support a virtual library and remote service for parallel calculations.