Тернопільська міська
громадська організація

“Тернопільський освітній
комунікаційний центр”


Ternopil Municipal
Public Organization

“Ternopil Education
Communication Center”


Edge and future work

Ternopil Educational Communication Center (TECC) has significantly improved access and communication between institutions in the Ternopil city region. It is or will provide the following benefits to TECC members:

1. Integration of the information technology resources of the four major universities located in Ternopil.
2. Improved Internet access for students and staff of the universities of Ternopil and other institutions.
3. Provide improved interuniversity communications via a fiber optic 1 Gb/s backbone.
4. Provide a fast connection to the UarNet, URAN and GEANT networks.
5. Introduce video conferencing throughout Ternopil and across the Internet.
6. Provide Web-based information resources that include many resources from the regional libraries.
7. Develop a cache-server that provides rapid retrieval of commonly used information.
8. Create a base for educational, academic and research cooperation between universities in Ternopil and those in Maine and in other parts of the world.
9. Develop a prototype that can be replicated in other regions of Ukraine.
10. The TECC Grid system that will significantly benefit computationally intensive research in Ternopil and Ukraine.
We expect to complete the project by the end of September 2008. After that we will continue to improve the TECC and to continue to develop the TECC Grid system. We will also focus on developing programs between the University of Maine and the Ternopil Universities. We expect to work with other regions to Ukraine to help them implement similar systems.